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Wildlife Exemption

Should You Convert Your Land to Wildlife Valuation?

Is your agricultural exemption really working for you? Many landowners throughout Texas have found that maintaining their agricultural exemption can directly conflict with their reasons for owning property. Some of those landowners have found a better fit by converting to the wildlife management open spaces exemption, otherwise known as a wildlife exemption or wildlife valuation. […]

Overview of Wildlife Management Activities for Wildlife Valuation

Among the legal requirements for property owners to qualify their agricultural land for wildlife management use is a mandate that owners perform at least three of seven wildlife management activities. Here are the seven management activities from which a landowner can choose: Habitat control (habitat management); Erosion control Predator control (predator management) Providing supplemental supplies of […]

Providing Supplemental Food for Wildlife Valuation

Most wildlife environments have some natural food, but in many cases additonal food can benefit native wildlife populations. An owner supplies supplemental food by providing food or nutrition in addition to the level naturally produced on the land. Grazing Management, Prescribed Burning and Range Improvement can be used to provide supplemental food. Other ways to […]

Providing Supplemental Water for Wildlife Valuation

Natural water exists in all wildlife environments. However, supplemental water is provided when the owner actively provides water in addition to the natural sources. This category of wildlife management activity includes providing supplemental water in habitats where water is limited or redesigning water sources to increase its availability to wildlife. For the purposed of wildlife […]

Predator Managment for Wildlife Valuation

Predator management refers to practices intended to manage the population of predators to benefit the owner’s target wildlife population. Predator control is usually not necessary unless the number of predators is harmful to the desired wildlife population. It really depends on your goals under the management plan you draft for your wildlife valuation.  Predator control and management should not be […]

Erosion Control for Wildlife Valuation

Any active practice that attempts to reduce or keep soil erosion to a minimum for wild animals’ benefit is erosion control. Some erosion control practices include: pond construction gully shaping streamside, pond and wetland revegetation establishing native plants dike, levee construction or management water diversion Pond construction is defined as building a permanent water pond […]

Providing Supplemental Shelter for Wildlife Exemption

Providing supplemental shelter means actively creating or maintaining vegetation or artificial structures that provide shelter from the weather, nesting and breeding sites or “escape cover” from enemies. The best shelter for wildlife can be provided by a well-managed habitat. Some practices listed below provide types of shelter that may be unavailable in the habitat and that […]

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