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166 Acre Ranch for Sale – Edwards County

This end of the road hunting ranch lies in southwestern Edwards County, about 45 road miles southwest of Rocksprings, Texas. To reach this property, head out Highway 377 South of Rocksprings about 30 miles, then about 6 miles down Highway 2523, and finally about 7 miles down a well-maintained caliche road. This is the last ranch on the road with very large neighbors on the west and north boundaries. The only fenced boundary is a game-proof fence on the west side.

Well water (non-potable) is available for container fill-ups at a community well a short distance from the ranch. A small annual fee paid to the landowners’ association keeps the access road maintained. This Edwards County ranch has an excellent cover of native live oak, shin oak and cedar. This area is rated as good grass country, with an exceptional cover of curly mesquite, Texas Winter Grass and other native grasses.

Tree and brush density varies from more open along the high ridge lines with oak species predominating and very little cedar, to moderate and heavier cover with more cedar down in the draws. Topography on the land varies from rougher country down in the deeper draws to gently rolling country in other areas. There are several very high look-out points with spectacular views.

This area of Edwards County is well known for excellent hunting. The abundant whitetail deer, wild turkey, and wild boar are the prevalent species of game animals. During the 2006-07 hunting season, the game taken on this ranch included an 8 point whitetail, a feral hog and three Auodad sheep. Numerous other whitetail and axis have been spotted on the ranch. Priced at $1,400 per acre. Contact the listing agent for more information.

Texas Land for Sale

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