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Brush Management for the Purpose of Wildlife Valuation

Brush Management or brush “sculpturing”, as it is sometimes referred to, is an important way to improve wildlife habitat. For example, in Texas, Ashe juniper (cedar) and mesquite are invasive species that require management. Mature juniper, especially on land with a history of overgrazing and lack of natural wildfires, can literally take over the landscape. In and around these cedars it may become an “ecological desert.”

They shade out mid and under-story vegetation, reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the ground and restrict the growth of other important plant species. A little work to remove some of this brush to create a “patchy” landscape will greatly benefit many species of wildlife. Remember, some cedar is beneficial because it is evergreen and provides year round cover for many wildlife species.

However, it must be kept in balance with other plants and trees. Diversity is the key.

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