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Tourism Profit

Create a Vacation Ranch

With the expanding population of urban America, many tourists are looking to ranch vacations as a way to fill the need for a taste of the great outdoors, a relaxed atmosphere and a different way of life. The possibilities for guest ranches are limitless, offering a variety of specialties including cattle drives, horseback riding, cook-outs, […]

Ranch Income and Hunting Season Basics

Hunting is generally a fall activity, when wildlife populations are at their highest. Seasons can be set for a single animal or for a group of animals, but they vary from state to state. Weapons can also be season-specific. The following is a breakdown of the major game animals including broad season descriptions. Be sure […]

Market Seasonal Events for Tourism Dollars

Seasonal events such as harvest festivals, Easter- or Halloween-themed activities and Winterfests are a unique way of attracting tourists to your farm during specific months of the year. This option benefits farmers who don’t want to be open to the public year-round or who simply want to bring in income during a slower part of […]

Marketing Pick-Your-Own and Farmer’s Markets

Also known as “U-Pick” throughout America, “pick your own” farms provide customers with the opportunity to pick their own produce at a savings to both the customer and the farmer, who would normally have to pay for the labor involved. At the same time, this business can offer visitors an education in agriculture, including how […]

Create a Bed and Breakfast

Often referred to as a “B & B,” the practice of hosting overnight guests who yearn for a calm, nostalgic environment has been around since the 19th century. For the hobby farmer, agritourism businesses such as these can be quite profitable, whether run as a full-time or part-time operation. Bill and Annette Hendrixson operate McCoy […]

Market Educational Tours to Profit from Your Land

Many farming operations have begun to incorporate educational tours into their daily schedules, not only for the increase in visitors, but also to raise awareness of local agricultural products. Tours associated with on-farm productions such as making apple cider or maple syrup, or livestock production can help educate the public on the importance of maintaining […]

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