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Secluded Edwards County Ranch for Sale

This Hill Country ranch really is a remote, end-of-the-road, turn key, super hunting property! This Edwards County ranch is 542 acres in size and located about 23 miles southwest of Rocksprings, Texas. The land is located on the southern tip of the Edwards Plateau between the Nueces water shed and the West Prong water shed. The terrain is scattered low rolling hills and limestone outcroppings with a good cover habitat consisting of of live oak, some pinion pine, shin oak, Spanish oak, mountain laurel and cedar.

This is a great piece of Texas land for sale because it’s quiet, peaceful, and adjoins a ranch of 5,700 acres on its north boundary and 66,000 acres on its east and south boundaries! How is that for a little bit of solitude? The area of Edwards County where this ranch is locatd is well known for excellent hunting. White-tail deer, turkey and wild hogs are the prevalent game animals. Varmits include ring-tail cat, raccoon, grey fox and bobcat.

From the county road, an improved all weather road provides access to the property and an integrated water system with several wells supply non-potable water (well water) under pressure. Electricity goes to the new, 1,200 square foot 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom residence (with sepctic) on a hill top with almost 360 degrees of fantastic views!

With two huge neighboring ranches behind low fences an ongoing game feeding program, and being well situated in the transition zone between the Hill Country and South Texas, this ranch truly is a special property. $994.570.

Texas Land for Sale

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