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Wildlife Exemption

Here are the details of the Wildlife Valuation in Texas. Although commonly referred to as a “wildlife exemption,” the conversion of property from agricultural use to wildlife management should accurately be referred to as “wildlife valuation.” That’s because a property taxed under an ag valuation is not exempt from taxes. And once converted to a wildlife valuation, it will not be exempt either, but the land will still be taxed at the same rate as an agricultural valuation.

Essentially, converting the primary use of land from farming or ranching to active wildlife and habitat management has particular benefits, especially for land owners interested in managing habitat for wildlife rather than cattle. For land owners that don’t need income from their land, or those that desire increased recreational opportunies provided by wildlife, the wildlife valuation may be the perfect fit. If you are looking for Texas land for sale and know that you will enroll it into wildlife valuation once purchased, make sure the property currently has a 1-d-1 ag valuation.

This page is dedicated to delivering to land owners all the details necessary to convert a property from ag to wildlife. I will tell you upfront that there are some descrepancies among appraisal districts. I’ve heard from numerous people that a management practice that may work in one county may not necessarily meet management requirements in another. And yes, it is true that some county appraisal districts credit certain activities while others do not. If your property is located in an appraisal district that is more urban, expect more “issues” than a rural county.  

This first round of articles will give you a good idea of what is legally required to convert your property to wildlife management. If you do not yet have property, but are searching for a great piece of Texas land for sale, then check out the latest listings on the main page or browse by county.

After reading the above articles, you know to qualify for wildlife management land owners must perform at least three of seven wildlife management activities. Here are the seven management activities:

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